The March for Science on April 22, 2017 was a historic day but the movement did not stop there

Over the last year, thousands of individuals have taken action to advocate for equitable, evidence-based policies. Some recent campaigns:

Sustainability: To confront the realities of climate change, we need to make sure that the policies, structures, and choices we invest in today don’t compromise our future. We need sustainable changes TODAY - for 100% renewable energy, for more sustainable housing, eco-friendly public transportation, and more.

Support Federal Scientists: The Trump administration and the Department of the Interior have taken action to restrict the ability of federal scientists to communicate their tax-funded research to the media and, by extension, the public.  Take a stand against censorship and send a message of support to federal scientists that you have their back.  

Fund Family Reunification: The zero-tolerance ban at the border resulted in thousands of children being separated from their primary caregivers.  The consequences of this trauma cannot be overstated.  Trump's executive order technically put an end to separation, but there is no plan in place to reunify families - and no dedicated funding for that purpose.  Contact your officials and ask them to provide dedicated funding both for reunification and to provide mental health care to the families affected.