Families Together on Fathers Day

Many American families are lucky to be able to spend Fathers Day together.

But the Trump administration has adopted a policy to tear families apart; the policy in some detention camps is not to pick up a toddler crying because they are without their Mother!

As Zephyr Teachout (candidate for NY Attorney General) says: 

The moral fury of our country, grounded in humanity, can not let these outrageous family separations continue. We must overcome their politics of fear and scarcity and calculation with a politics of love and righteous anger and justice.

But that means we must make our voices heard on this issue. If we are silent on this issue, we are complicit.

I've not heard my Congressmember, Brian Fitzpatrick, a Republican in a swing district, publicly condemned the President for his policy. He needs to hear from us now. Will you join me in calling him and other Republicans in Congress to demand they clearly condemn Trump for his policy of family separation? Republicans breaking with the President mean a lot right now.

Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object - which will give

There is great enthusiasm for a blue wave, or some say a tsunami, coming this year to change Congress from red to blue. The size of the wave matters greatly because of all the Republican gerrymandering down in this decade.

A sobering report from the NYTimes about how big the blue wave needs to be in order to get over the gerrymandered “seawall” that has been erected.