Unstoppable Force Meets Immovable Object - which will give

There is great enthusiasm for a blue wave, or some say a tsunami, coming this year to change Congress from red to blue. The size of the wave matters greatly because of all the Republican gerrymandering down in this decade.

A sobering report from the NYTimes about how big the blue wave needs to be in order to get over the gerrymandered “seawall” that has been erected.


Spotlight on Janis Hobbs-Pellechio & Voting Rights

Spotlight on Janis Hobbs-Pellechio & Voting Rights

About 12 years ago, I was a member of our Bucks County election integrity group the Coalition for Voting Integrity (CVI). The purpose of CVI was to educate the Bucks County Commissioners and the public about the pros and cons of the various voting systems prior to purchase. We determined that a voter-marked paper ballot system was the only acceptable choice, since this is the only system that allows trustworthy audits and recounts to be done.