Trump's climate change tweet lambasted by scientists: 'He's a dangerous clown'

On Thursday, the president tweeted: “Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS - Whatever happened to Global Warming?”

But experts were quick to point out a flaw in Trump’s argument: the difference between weather and climate. The term “weather” relates to conditions in the atmosphere over a short period of time, whereas “climate” denotes long-term trends, according to NASA.

Environmentalist Bill McKibben responded to the president's tweet with a chart illustrating this important difference, by demonstrating how global temperatures have risen by 1.2°C above preindustrial levels.

Dr. Michael Mann, professor of atmospheric science at Pennsylvania State University, told Huffington Post “[the tweet] demonstrates once again that Donald Trump is not an individual to be taken seriously on any topic, let alone matters as serious as climate change.

"He is a clown — a dangerous clown," he said. 

Mann told Newsweek: "It is disturbing to see the titular head of our nation misinforming the public about the greatest threat we face—the threat of catastrophic climate change impacts. Not only has Trump sought to dismantle the environmental protections put in place by previous administrations, he has also sought to lower the level of discourse by making nonsensical public comments that are untruthful factually, and deliberately conflate normal day-to-day weather fluctuations with climate change.

"It is shameful, irresponsible and most unbecoming of someone who would call himself President of the United States."

Excerpted from Newsweek: