Intell endorses Wagner… because he wrote a better essay?

It was stunning to see the Doylestown Intelligencer choose Wagner based on how well he could write an editorial (and follow the guidelines given). Seems to be an ill-informed way to endorse a politician.

From the outset, Wagner has refused to release his tax returns, afraid what his employees might think.

Scott Wagner gambled donor’s money in the stock market and lost more than a half a million dollars. This is a gross betrayal of his donors not to mention that losing money in an up market shows that he is not a prudent money manager.

That the Intell can choose Wagner right after he talks about stomping on Tom Wolf’s face with golf spikes shows their endorsement process to be unbalanced. Wagner's unnecessary rhetoric of violence shows him to be unsuited.

A sane endorsement process looks at the candidate, not just at the answers to questions.