Democratic Climate Change Action Group

Climate Questions and Resources for Finding Answers

How will climate change affect my community?

What steps can we take to be better prepared for change?

Why do so many people in the US deny climate change is happening?

I am concerned that the Trump administration is working to silence climate scientists and putting "alternative facts" ahead of peer-reviewed science. Where can I learn more, and get active?

  • The Union of Concerned Scientists' website has lots of resources and action items and is a good place to stay informed and get connected to other climate activists. See
  • Contact your congress members to urge them to keep the excellent federal climate websites available so that citizens like yourself (who have paid for these data with their taxes) can access this critical information. While activists have backed up most of the basic data in Canada, it will still be easy for Trump appointees to cut off the web access to your community resources unless you raise a fuss. This is your intellectual property, and your children's future- don't be shy!