Committee People: Integral to Our Success

Do you love to meet and work with new people?

Enjoy discussing politics and helping others to get involved?

The Precinct Committeeperson (PC) serves as the main communication source between the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and current and future Democrats in their precinct. We are currently in need of multiple PCs for this year's elections. If you are interested in being appointed to one of these vacancies, please contact Nancy Adam at for more information as soon as possible.

The PC is charged with connecting the people in the precinct to the Democratic Party, and the Party to the People.


During campaign season, you will be asked to do some of the following:

  • Reach out to all who want to volunteer within your precinct and get them active.

  • Obtain petition signatures for Democratic candidates to qualify them for the ballot.

  • Distribute Party and candidate literature during door-to-door canvassing.

  • Help identify where independent voters stand on our Democratic candidates.

  • Host house parties for Democratic candidates.

  • Promote Absentee Voting among Democratic supporters.

  • Help the Party to "chase" early ballots (absentee) to ensure they are returned.

  • Help implement a strong and effective Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) effort in the final four days of the campaign.

  • Recommend Democrats within your precinct to work as Poll Workers on Election Day - this is our front line of defense in voter protection.

The precinct committeeperson is responsible for filling the roles that follow, keeping in mind that it is okay to begin slowly; filling one or two at the start. 

  • Obtain the precinct map and walking lists for your precinct and familiarize yourself with your neighbors and the geography of the precinct- contact your county chair about using Vote Builder (the online voter file system).

  • Get to know your Democratic and Independent neighbors by hosting a house party or canvassing the precinct using the walking or call lists.

  • Register new Democratic voters.

  • Participate in County Democratic Party meetings, events, and activities.

  • Be a proud Pennsylvania Democrat - display yard signs, window signs, campaign buttons, bumper stickers.

  • Recruit new PCs and other volunteers in your Precinct and communicate with them regularly.

  • Review the Committeeperson Training.


Remember, you are providing a wonderful service to the Party and to your community. Have fun!

Doylestown Borough Committee persons

Ward  1-1: 

Bucks County Bar Association

Dave Gondak (contact)

Julie Kimmel (contact)

Ward 2-2:

Wesley Enhanced Living

open spot

open spot

Ward 1-2:

Salem United Church

Doreen Stratton (contact)

Maggie Wallace-Cullen (contact)

Ward 3 -1:

Borough Hall

Randee Block (contact)

Martha Piligian (contact)

Ward 2 -1:

Doylestown Fire Company

Becky Custer (contact)

open spot

Ward 3 -2:

Boy Scouts Council

Nancy Taflin (contact)

Kristina Gordon (contact)

Doylestown Township Committee Persons

Precinct 1:

Township Building

Matthew Smith (contact)

Jane Poblano (contact)

Precinct 2:

Pine Run Community Center

Ann Hadfield (contact)

Cathy Schlager (contact)

Precinct 3:

Pebble Hill Church

Karl Herring (contact)

Kevin Green (contact)

Precinct 4:

Pebble Hill Church

Karen Forbes (contact)

Kim Kiendl (contact)

Precinct 5:

Central  Bucks Senior Center

2 Open spots


Precinct 6:

Central Bucks Senior Center

Stan Durey (contact)

Dan Wood (contact)

Precinct 7:

Grundy Hall

Sam Kolodney (contact)

Precinct 8:

Township Activity Center

2 Open spots